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The current trend in the beauty industry is clear. Everybody wants organic and natural products without excessive amounts of chemicals, but with powerful magical effects. Companies are trying various ingredients, different methods or recipes to make their products unique (and hopefully effective for customers). One of those companies is Heavenly Bodies, with an organic line of products. It’s a small company founded by Joyce Wheeler in 2012. How are these products unique or what makes them special? Well, continue reading. Have you ever heard about mineral Shungite. No? You are not alone me neither. :) To write this blog, I had to study this mineral.

About Shungite:

Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of carbon. It was first described from a deposit near Shunga village, in Karelia, Russia, from where it gets its name. Russian Czar Peter, who ruled Russia, was rumored to prefer drinking water infused with Shungite minerals for its healing properties. It is also used in various elixirs and potions. Some people believe in its magical power to deflect negative energy away from you, keeping you safe. Because all the negative energy is being deflected or absorbed by the stone, you will quickly find yourself becoming luckier and more successful. Not bad for a black stone. Right?

I tried the Versatile product infused with Shungite (claimed multipurpose product: moisturizing cleanser, hair conditioner, makeup remover), and Tight-N-Tone Eye Serum.

To claim a product to be versatile or multi purpose is very courageous. How did this product do in our eyes? Let’s start by using it as a hair conditioner. It has a consistency of a thicker conditioner almost like a mask with small dark specs. Those dark specs are called lecithin. It is a thickener derived from organic soy. Versatile has the color of peanut butter (to be exact). I just ran to the kitchen and compared the product to other items in my kitchen. After shampooing my hair I applied Versatile. I let it work it’s magic for several minutes, then rinsed with water. The result? It worked! My hair was nice and smooth, and had a healthy shine. Versatile added slight body and surprisingly didn’t weigh my hair down. I forgot to mention the type of hair that was tested. I have fine, straight hair.

Another claimed use of the product was a makeup remover. I used Versatile to remove my foundation and mascara. I had slight difficulties squeezing the bottle to get out the product onto a cotton ball. The product is packed in a plastic bottle, 2 oz. big. Then I applied the product to my skin, and massaged a little bit. After a while I removed it with tepid water. My complexion was clean, gently moisturized, with no traces of makeup. I didn’t have that feeling that I need to apply, ASAP, some moisturizer. My complexion was happy as it was. Hmm, interesting, I didn’t expect it at all. I also used it as a regular cleanser in the morning (basically on clean skin) with the same results. What is inside this product that is working so well?

Main ingredients of Versatile are: Kokum Butter, Olive Oil infused with Shungite, Witch Hazel also infused with Shungite and Kombucha. All very basic ingredients carefully mixed together to balanced product.

One recommendation: I would definitely change the packaging and design of the Versatile product. It is great product with a promising future that needs more visually attractive and functional packaging. Please, don’t change the content of the Versatile, it is PERFECT!

Another tested product is Tight –N- Tone Eye Serum. It is packed in a small 1 oz. brown glass bottle. The Eye Serum contains ONLY 3 ingredients. Organic Tamanu oil, Olive oil infused with organic Comfrey, and Vitamin E. As you can guess from its content, it has a consistency of oil. The company would recommend using it’s Q tip for applying the eye serum or you can use a clean finger, because otherwise you will get too much of the product. For each eye you need just a small drop. But even with the careful dose, I still get too much of the serum, the Eye Serum is very concentrated. You probably will need about half drop for each eye. The oil serum left the skin around eyes well moisturized, but as I said before, if you use too much of it, you will end up with very oily eyes. That said serum is suited for extra dry, dry and mature skin, not for oily skin.

You can buy reviewed product at www.hborganicskincare.com for $8. Good price is just a bonus.

Thank you Heavenly Bodies company for providing products for review. If you have any questions, contact us at Blog@BeautyInfo4U.com.


Natural products always have a green light.

March 21, 2018