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          I would like invite you to read a Cinderella story about one cream. To be exact Raisin Face Cream. You know the Cinderella story. A beautiful brave girl became a queen, but not so quick. During her journey she needed to overcome many obstacles.

          Raisin Face cream is packed in a simple classic white jar with shiny black cover and labels. (See picture below).

        It has a very delicate scent. There is no perfume added it is just the natural scent of all the ingredients. I would like to mention some of them, organic Aloe Vera (30%), Emu Oil (18%), Shea butter, Coconut oil and Green tea extract. The cream contains only 15% of water, regular creams contain (about 50% water). The result is a very thick velvety cream. (See picture).

        I tested this cream for a whole month. I decided to use it as a night cream, because the absence of SPF. And it worked very well. After the application, my skin needed a couple of minutes to absorb the cream, but this didnt bother me at all. In the morning my skin was well-moisturized and velvety smooth. Nice result.

      After 1 month, with the regular use of Raisin Face cream, my skin was much plump and my wrinkles almost disappeared.

I also used this cream on my hands. I just ran out of my regular hand cream. The results were even better! My hands needed that fantastic moisture. The fatty acids from emu oil did their magic. My hands are so smooth. I love it.

     RECOMMENDATIONS: This cream is more suitable for dry or very dry skin or you can use it as a night cream.

     Negatives: It does not have a SPF factor, so you need to use sunscreen if you want to be protected from the sun.

     BIG PLUS: This cream does not contain mineral oil, dyes or parabens.

     OVERALL: It is a very good cream. It has a great price only $20 for 29 ml or 1 oz. You can buy it directly from www.raisinface.com or Etsy. The Raisin Face skin fix concentrate has big potential (just like Cinderella). I am sure we will hear more about this cream.


  This cream was provided by Raisin Face Company.     



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Cinderella story - Raisin face Cream

Jun 6, 2013