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Frequently Asked Questions

1/ How do I become a "Beauty Informer"?

A: Becoming a "Beauty Informer” is easy. Just fill out our short application form, located at the top of the page at the left and you are in. Then you can review any beauty products, shop for free and so on.

2/ How does your points system work?

A: For every activity you are awarded with points. With points you can buy various cosmetics products in our E-shop, that is located a the top of the page. Sounds pretty easy, right? For more information please visit our Home page, section Points System.

3/ Are products really free?

A:Yes, products are really free. After you collect sufficient amount of points for any activities, you can “buy” product of your choice in our E-Shop. You will pay only S&H, 2.99$ for each product. We are using Paypal, where you can use also your credit cards. Simply whatever you prefer.

4/ Do you have some referral policy to get points?

A: Yes, we do. In Home menu you can find section "Tell a Friend". There you will find a link, that you can sent to a friend to get referral points. 50 points exactly. After your friend will accept an invitation and will register, points will be added to your account.

5/ How many points I will get for writing a review on beauty product?

A:For writing a review on a one beauty product you will get 5 points. You can review unlimited amount of products.

6/ How I can get points besides writing a review on a beauty product?

A: You can get points by writing a beauty recipe or posting a beauty or charity event and so on. You are gaining points even for “log in”. For further information about points system, please visit out Home menu, section Points System.

7/ What is a point value for beauty products?

A: Point value for beauty products start at about 149 points. Most are about 250 - 360 points. We constantly add new products at different values.

8/ I want a write a review, but I didn’t find my brand or product in the list. What can I do?

A: If you didn’t find brand or product, please write us at addproduct@hotbeautyreviews.com, so we can quickly add brand or product. For any other issues use section “Contact us” at Home page.

9/ Do I need to upload a picture of product when writing a beauty review?

A: You don’t need to upload a picture of product. If picture is already in our database, then it is automatically uploaded to the review.

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